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Please utilize this page for common merchant questions, support numbers, change forms and more.

Support Line 720-837-2507


Changing your bank account is very easy.  Download this form, fill in the information and fax the form with a voided check or bank letter to 1-888-209-4888.  If you have any questions please call customer service at 1-800-935-5961. Please included a voided check with your fax or a bank letter on bank letterhead that states your account number and routing number. Note: You may also perform this change using your mxmerchant account under account/merchant services/bank accounts.
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Clover & POS System's

The absolute fastest and best thing to do is press the “CALL ME” button on your device.  Put in the number you want Clover to call you back on and they should call your right away.  You can always call 1-844-864-5449.

If you have a POS and it is not Clover please call your provider first.  If it is determined that there is some sort of connection issue to your merchant account please call customer service first 1-800-935-5961.

Gateway Support

We support many gateway’s for point of sale integration and web site payments.  Our primary gateways’s are and NMI.  We do use others however.  If you have specific questions about your active gateway please call them directly. Merchant Support
US: 877.447.3938

NMI USA +1 (847) 352 4850

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Call customer service at 1-800-935-5961.

Category: General

Monday – Saturday, 6am – 12 midnight mountain standard time.

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Your agent will guide and direct you.  Your equipment will be configured and tested.  You will be given your MXMERCHANT Dashboard credentials so that you can login and get reports as well as more information regarding your account.

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1-800-935-5961, email:  Make sure to have your merchant number available.

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We have multiple options for taking cards as well as backup systems and procedures.  Ask your agent about using mobile solutions on your phone or tablet as a backup.  Additionally you can process payments in the cloud using our MXMERCHANT Dashboard.

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Call customer service at 1-800-935-5961 to reset your password if needed.

Category: MxMerchant

When your account was activated your agent set this up to mail them or for you to get them electronically.  If you wish to see your current option and change it you may do so using your MxMerchant account under the account/merchant services tab.  If you edit this you can change your option.

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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a merchant requirement for security awareness.  We can provide guidance but you must complete this as a condition of your merchant account. You have 90 days to complete this or a fine will be imposed of $24.95, which the agent cannot control.

Please call Control Scan Support at 1-800-370-9180 for all PCI Compliance and Scan questions.

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Telephone Support Numbers


Control Scan is our PCI Compliance tool.  For immediate support please call 800-370-9180.  Their team of engineers are great and can answer any questionnaire or scan questions you may have.




Terminal issues


  1. From the main SoftPay menu press the green enter key
  2. On the Configuration menu press the F2 key for setup
  3. Enter password 1 alpakey alpakey 6 6 8 3 1 and press the green enter key. The alpha key is the grey button in the top center.
  4. Press the far left purple down arrow key (more key) 4 times
  5. You will see Date/Time at the bottom of the screen
  6. Press F4 for Date/Time
  7. If the month, day and year are correct just press the green enter key once.  If not, enter the correct date in MMDDYYYY format such as 11092017 and press the green enter key.
  8. Enter the new time in military format.  HHMMSS.  So 9:30am would be 09:30:00 and 1:30pm would be 13:30:00
  9. Press the green enter key
  10. You will go back to the screen where you see Date/Time.
  11. Hit the red X key 2 times
  12. You will now be back at the SoftPay main menu

Your date and time should now be correct.


Category: Terminal issues

Usually this means that the EMV keys must be updated.  Follow these steps.

VX520 Chip Malfunction FIX

From the Softpay menu, (Sale, Refund, Void)


  • Press the green key
  • press F2 -Setup
  • Type in password, 1, alpha, alpha, 6,6,8,3,1
  • press the green key
  • on the setup menu now
  • press the far left purple key 5 times
  • you will see EMV Key Update
  • press F3 for EMV key update
  • Press F1, yes to continue
  • it will process the update and tell you it is successful
  • it will also beep 2 times
  • Then press the RED X key twice to get back to the main menu
Category: Terminal issues

If your machine is running over the Internet and not phone line this sort of error is due to the lack of a connection.  Make sure your Internet, modem, and router are all working.  You may have to power cycle all of them including your credit card machine. If this does not work call customer service at 1-800-935-5961.

Category: Terminal issues

Sometimes like any technology device the machine may lock up. First just power cycle the machine to see if this solves the issue.  If your sale menu does not come up then make sure you have paper in the machine.  Sometimes being out of paper causes this issue.  If this does not work contact customer support for further assistance at 1-800-935-5961.

Category: Terminal issues

Usually this is an issue with the POS or the connection to the processor.  Call your POS support first and provide them the details of the failure.  If necessary they will direct you to call customer service at 1-800-935-5961.

Category: Terminal issues

Make sure you are in the Softpay menu and you do not see Commerver and Softpay on your screen.  If you do, simply press the Softpay button to get to the sale screen.

Category: Terminal issues

Unlock vx520

First you must power off the terminal, power it back on, press soft pay, then press number 8, put int he password 1, ALPHA APLHA 66831 enter, then select NO.

Category: Terminal issues

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